Mental health and well-being are important parts of our lives, especially as we grow through our adolescence into adulthood. During the growth process, it is normal for several hormones to be in flux which may result in anxiety or mental illness, such as depression. When experiencing regular and/or unexplained bouts of feeling mentally unwell, seeking help is essential. Our parents or siblings often have a vested interest in ensuring we are safe, secure and healthy; however, there are times when one may worry about being judged or may feel that their family is not equipped to support them due to lack of knowledge, or even a lack of availability. So, where can you seek help in this situation? Anywhere in Canada, a person can call 211 or access This is a publicly funded service that provides access to local mental health supports. Another possibility is Naseeha Youth Helpline ( or Kids Help Phone ( where you can talk to a live counsellor. There may also be other people who you trust such as a close friend, cousin, teacher, imam or doctor. The most important part of this process is taking the first step to seeking help and support when experiencing anxiety and/or unexplained, sudden sadness.