What can I realistically do to help out and “make a change” in my community as a 15 year old with no extra cash to donate and no way to drive to shelters or food banks?

Good question! Because we live during the Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook era, it is common for us to see all the hard work and dedication of others and wish that we could do the same. Which brings us to your question: What can I realistically do? Consider this: no major project or achievement began big. Each started out somewhere, with someone, and usually with no money! Allah tells us in the Quran that He does not change the condition of the people, until they do something to change themselves. So we should all be doing little acts of kindness, which in Islam are considered good deeds. What might seem little to one person is large to another, and we can all start somewhere. How about going through your clothing at home and giving away the items you have not used in the last 6 months; or packing up some food your parents prepared for dinner and bringing it to one of your neighbours every other night? It could even be shovelling your neighbours’ driveway and walkway or mowing their lawn throughout the summer! All these “little” kind gestures contribute to the bigger picture. Your neighbours will begin to have soft hearts towards others around them and return the kindness as well. You will help to eliminate judgement from one person to another, and lessen the hardships of your community members. That’s awesome! And it starts with no money, no major project, and nobody but ourselves!