(I felt like sharing a very talented sister’s work)

It seems that sometimes,

We get so caught up in the moments that

We tend to forget

What had actually mattered .


We grow up from not being able to care to not bothering to care

And we desperately get consumed in what we think is important,

So we become blind to what is actually important.


Everything that happens always seems so in our faces,

That we forget to smile.

We forget to enjoy the small beauties of life.


Our problems seem insurmountable

That we forget to be grateful for all of the things

That are going right.

And we take from people and just keep taking

We forget to even bother to thank them.


We grow old enough

To be looking back and thinking

Of all things that we could have done but never bothered to.


We always assume that it’s too late and

We are incurable.

Too much time has gone by

And not enough actions that actually mean something.


But what if it’s not too late

What if we just bothered to remember.


Just bothered to remember

To not live a self-consumed life,

That money isn’t everything,

And happiness can cure anything.


We bothered to remember

To be grateful that

Amidst all the things that are going wrong

There will always be things going right

And if nothing else,

The sky is still blue.


We bothered to remember

To say

Thank you

I have yet again used you,

Next time I’ll be the one that helps you.


We bothered to remember

To look back once again

That even though our lives seem

So terrible

There may just be someone

Who is worse off.

To remember the less fortunate

And reach out our hands a little

Further than they usually extend.


So we bothered to remember

Not the big things

But all of the little ones.

And we did them so often that they became part of us

We became a little less self consumed

And started to care for others.

And when we did grow old enough

To be looking back,

We had actually done something worth the while.

We had lived with no regrets because

One day we had remembered

We had just bothered to remember,

And we bothered to remember for the rest of our days.

-By Mahum Kamran

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