Basketball is religiously played in many of our homes and watched keenly on our televisions. It is a common ground to break the ice of an awkward conversation, the starter of many friendships, and simply a sport that brings nothing but love. 


This year, the Toronto Raptors made it to the NBA finals for the first time, and everyone has been watching it at the edge of their seats in excitement. Toronto has been cheering and expressing their love for the team, as many of us are cheering on in our homes, standing outside Jurassic Park, or catching up the highlights after Taraweeh. 


The passion that Muslim Canadians have for the sport is something that has opened gates to many Muslim youth. 


Not long ago, Nike launched their athletic hijab for all Muslim athletes. Through this athletic hijab, many Muslim women can pursue the sport they’re most passionate about. This was seen as a big win for Muslim women and embracing the love for sports. Many Muslim girls have expressed this love in basketball. 


In Scarborough, a young woman named Amreen Kadwa, founded Hijabi Ballers back in 2017. This group of Muslim girls love to play the famous sport and are huge fans of the Raptors as many Canadians are. 


“I feel like with basketball, people can see themselves as people — and we’re capable of doing this or that because of how culturally diverse it is.”


Many places across the country have begun to open spaces for Muslim youth to come in and play basketball. Muslim girls in particular are starting to feel more comfortable and are joining basketball teams at their schools proudly. 


For young people, basketball isn’t just a fun, competitive sport, but is also a safe space where there are no prejudices or judgements, just a basket and a ball. 


As the world has mourned for a long time now from all the tragic events that have been occurring in the past few months, this victory for the Raptors is a victory for all Canadians. Something to put a smile on all our faces.










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