When I first heard about the Ottawa shooting my first reaction (and probably every Muslim reaction was) before anything registered in was:

please please god don’t let it be a Muslim. Please, i’m begging you not here, not in my country.

And with further information that was developing our hearts went out to the family of the soldier. The pride for his sacrifice and for the people that rushed to his aid. I do not know if people are scared because of these acts, i’m not to be quite frank. Canada has faced and prevailed through various terrorism acts in the past:

Terrorism on Canadian soil: a partial list

(this is a list of different attacks on Canadian soil)

To be honest, I’m more angry. With ISIS threatening to act in the West and the Prime Minister making Muslims a punching bag in the past ( http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/why-stephen-harper-owes-canadian-muslims-an-apology/article16705638/ ): this could not have come at a worst time. He essentially called National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) as being tied to Hamas.

It always seems like its either Muslims are being killed (Palestine, Syria, Iraq, etc) or they are killing (Hamas, ISIS, 9/11, etc). If you checked the partial list about terrorism happening on Canadian soil: three events have happened in the past 15 years in Canada relating to terrorism acts by Muslims! That is one to many.

And i’m also afraid. Maybe it was me, but on the train today, I got worse looks then I usually do. But today when I came home I saw something that made me a little hopeful that Canada is past racism. That maybe we won’t be treated like how our American counter parts treat their fellow Americans that practice Islam.

For example (30 second clip):

This is a famous video that the critics have bashed John Mccain. Essentially a woman was racist toward Barrak Obama and Mccain tried to cover it. You know can’t even blame John Mccain because he was trying to salvage the situation because the woman was so off base. Honestly, Arab? Are you kidding me?

But this is what Justin Trudeau said:

and honestly, I couldn’t be a prouder Canadian.

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