What if,

We just

Sat there and stared

At a starry sky.


And we stayed there

Until those stars

Turned into a sunrise.


Such that the night

Seemed like years,

Like lifetimes.

And when people walked

On the path that lay

In front of us,

They had lived there lives.


But we remained,

Sitting there,

As onlookers.


To be quite honest,

We thought all people,

Lived the same way.

For so many had

Walked that path the same way.


But one day,

All of that changed.

Because one day we saw

A child

walk right past our sights.


It was the most peculiar thing

We had ever seen.

For we had never quite seen

Anything like it.


And as the child walked past us,

He left,

A mark.

An insignificant mark

That somehow managed

To illuminate the area surrounding it.

And those who walked the path after him

Were not quite the same.


And at that time

we thought to ourselves,

We had never changed a life.

Maybe we could change

A life.



So we got up

And left our little

Sitting place

And we walked the path ourselves.


But this time we decided it would be different.

We would not just walk the path

like those who had walked it before us.

This time,

We tried to leave a mark.

In hopes that

An onlooker

would see the tiny illuminating mark,

And leave their very own

Sitting place

And decide to leave

A mark

Of their own.


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