Stress is stressful.

These are the top things that usually work for me and they may also be helpful to you, you never know!

Remember to exercise:

For me this one only happens when I can’t really think of ideas. So running up and down the stairs usually helps.

Drink tea:

Tea is very relaxing and helps me calm down.

Chew gum:

I usually end up taking all of my frustrations off on the piece of gum.

Do something art related:

If you draw or paint, write a poem helps you to focus on something other than your worry and enables you to vent and release your stress.

Also make a lot of dua:

This one is the most helpful for me. Making dua enables you to realize that Allah (swt) always has your back and even if worse comes to worse there is always benefit in it.

Stress is not always a bad thing. It gives you a lot of energy and motivates you to get your work done. If you don’t get stressed out about all the things that you have to do, it’s very possible that you don’t get them done.