Shouldn’t we live everyday like it’s our last because we never know when we will die?

What a deep question this is, but a very important one. I am sure we all have witnessed or heard of people dying at all ages. Children, adults, old people and infants all die. Death is the one sure thing in our life that we cannot deny. As Muslims, we believe in a Day of Judgment where we will be standing in front of God, answering to all our deeds on earth, hence determining our fate in the hereafter. That fate is either hell or heaven based on what we left behind in our book of deeds.

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was known to say that one should remember death often and should prepare for it. This means that you shouldn’t get so lost in the pleasures of this world that you forget your role: to do good as well so that you can stand in front of Allah with a bunch of good deeds to grant you heaven. It’s easy to say that we should live each day as if it is our last, but to practice it requires a lot of mindfulness: in prayer, in actions, in the way we give of ourselves to humanity, and how we keep Allah’s pleasure first. Even when we smile at someone, it should be with the intentions to please God. Fulfilling all obligations on time and in the best of manners is also preparing for the end in a beautiful way. So instead of the thought of death depressing you, you should feel good that when it comes, it will take you to a better place to meet your Lord Who loves you and Whom you love. Inshallah.