Have you ever bought a shirt for charity and it ended up in a dark corner of your closet? SHIFT Apparel recognizes this problem and creates fashionable and good quality clothing that is pleasurable to wear while supporting a charitable cause.

SHIFT Apparel is an initiative that started as an idea between five friends; Zain Izhar, Humza Mahmood, Asaad Ali, Magas Yusuf, and Anser Abbas, who all currently attend McMaster University. Wanting to bring about a shift in the community, they co-founded Shift Apparel. They took the idea of selling clothes for charity and expanded it to a new level by creating apparel that people actually want to wear. When a customer purchases from SHIFT Apparel, half of the profits earned are donated to a charity of the customer’s choice, while the other half goes back into the business.

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The co-founders at SHIFT Apparel wanted to raise awareness about the importance of food banks, so their pilot project was PROJECT HUNGER. Focused at a local issue, this project is a collaboration with three food banks in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area: the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, The Eden Food Bank in Mississauga, and The Hamilton Dream Centre in Hamilton. When a customer purchases a shirt for PROJECT HUNGER, the donation goes to the food bank of their choice. In Ontario, there are about 300,000 kids and adults who rely on food banks. Every dollar donated to a food bank helps provide three meals.

In the future, SHIFT Apparel plans to expand globally! Some upcoming projects include PROJECT RED, which will focus on health care, and PROJECT BLUE, which will be dedicated to water and irrigation systems.

You might be asking, “Well, why is SHIFT Apparel so appealing?” You can hear the answer from cofounder Zain: “The thing is…who doesn’t like to wear good looking clothes that they know are helping people in need? The answer, really, is no one.” SHIFT Apparel is all about raising awareness and inspiring change through the use of fashion. He further adds, “Fashion is such a powerful medium for conveying a message, especially amongst youth.”

The co-founders plan to establish a credible brand that lets people know that their objective is not to earn profits, but to spread awareness and work towards a good cause.

So, who’s about making a SHIFT in the world? Purchase SHIFT Apparel online @ http://shiftapparel.ca.

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