Society’s norms have caused some drastic changes in the way we live. We are living life in the moment, taking opportunities the second they come up, and making decisions out of the blue. Because of this, barely anyone in today’s world is able to keep a set routine. Our day plans keep changing and we end up spending more time on one thing and less on another. Bring up the topic of set routines to a group of friends, and watch as everyone admits that they don’t have one. This lack of structure in our lives makes our affairs cluttered and disorganized.

Routines are a very natural thing, rooted in our humanly instincts. You won’t find the sun rising late, or it snowing in the middle of summer. Yet still, there are those who think that it is pointless to have a routine altogether – a view shared by many across the globe.

So the question remains, what is the purpose of having a set routine? Here are 4 reasons:

1. It Gives Proper Structure To Our Daily Lives

With a routine, we won’t be scrambling to do ten different things at once. We will be able to manage more work in a shorter amount of time, and as a result, have some free time to chill with friends and family. Eventually, after some time following the same routine, our bodies will adapt to it and will, for example, wake up on time and send signals of hunger when it’s lunchtime.

2. Increases Efficiency

If you keep a set time for certain tasks, you will be inclined to complete them faster. The more tasks you put into your schedule, in this same manner, the more you will get done in a smaller amount of time, and the more efficient you will be with your time!

3. Saves Extra Work

If you plan your work out properly, you should be able to get all your work done on time, to the best of your ability, without having to cram the night before. This is a very helpful tip for the high-schoolers and university students of our generation, as they usually pull all-nighters to get assignments finished on time.

4. Decreases Stress

Stress only comes when you have too much on your mind, whether it be work, or otherwise. When you know how your day is structured, you will not be worried about when one thing will be done, or how. With a schedule, you will not need any motivation to accomplish simple tasks, reducing the stress weighing on our minds.

Knowing the benefits of a routine can inspire us to set one up for ourselves. But how do we start? It can start as simply as getting an agenda or planner. Start small, like setting time out for meals and to sleep, and gradually, continue to add more activities into your daily schedule. Time for studying, cleaning, and chilling with family should all be included. Hopefully, this will help you all realize what a mess our lives are, and will make it easier for us to learn to organize them.

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