I once believed that a perfect world consisted of a place where everything was almost equal, if not completely fair. It was almost humorous, as I could not tell if that was my hope for the world or if I wished to fool myself into thinking it was already present. The more I thought about it, the more I realized why I found it so funny.

It was the idea that I was sitting and wishing for the world to be different; to simply change itself and be better instead of going out and making change.

Ironically, I realized I had my wish all wrong. For it to come true, it first meant turning that wish into implementable actions, which would gradually create a better world. You see, the problem was not the world itself. The problem was the collective mindset that we all wished to see something better when in actuality no one was taking the steps to get there. Upon realizing this, I felt a sudden urge to not only want to do better but be better.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world,” they say. Instead of critiquing and just seeing the world, we individuals ultimately have a moral responsibility to shift the way our shared society functions so that as a whole, it will favour good and steer away from harm.

I believe that we are not there just yet, but it is within reach. No matter how hard we try, I realize that we will never live in a perfect world because this world was not created to be perfect. It was never supposed to be an exact image of what we crave from this life.

The creation of change should not be absent from the lives of those who want to see change. The responsibility to create a better world and to be better starts with us―all of us.  So that instead of seeing perfection we will start to see progression, shifting our ultimate goal to one that we can actually attain. Living in a perfect world and being your best self only means acknowledging that the world needs to be better and pushing yourself to create that change. Yet, in this progressing world, perhaps the hidden beauty is in just that, so perfectly imperfect.

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