The question we should ask ourselves is what normally happens at a prom and how would we benefit from attending one?  A prom involves music, dancing and intermingling with members of the opposite gender.  It may involve the illegal presence of alcohol and/or narcotics.  There may also be physical altercations which occur as a result of people being under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics.  So, should a Muslim, who is trying to find her or his way back to Paradise, find themselves in this type of gathering?  Likely not.  We as Muslims should always strive to ensure her or his environment is one that is pure from the temptations of sinful actions If you know this is the kind of environment that you will be in during prom, it is strongly recommended that you do not attend.  So, what should you do?  If your friends are true to you, as good friends should be, then they will support you and find an alternative way to spend the evening.  In my experience, friends of the same gender will often plan and host an event at a neutral venue that allows for food, intelligent conversation, games and other forms of entertainment. And remember, prom is definitely not the most important night of your teen years, despite what every movie and TV show tells you.