There are several areas of conflict a person will experience with their parents. In general, these conflicts arise when there is a difference in values, beliefs, or moral code. These elements are important to a growing teen because they help teens define who they are as people and allow them to grow intellectually and spiritually. Often, parents feel they know what is best for their child and try to impose their values, beliefs or moral code upon their child. The result is one of resentment, frustration, demoralization and rebellion. If your parents are not able to support your spiritual journey, you can attempt the following: first, ensure that you fully understand why you are choosing to wear the hijab or niqab and that you are able to clearly articulate the reasons why. Second, if your parents are still not in support, seek out an intermediate source to help negotiate between you and your parents – this could be an imam, a respected elder, another family member, etc.  Third, know that Allah is All-Aware of your struggle and, so, do not give up.  There are times when we are trying to do the right thing and Allah tests our resolve, which means we need to remain patient, put our trust in Allah and remember that He will make a way for us and provide support as is mentioned in the Qur’an, Chapter 65 Verses 2 and 3.