May you breathe. 

May you breathe in oxygen that makes your lungs thankful.  

May you breathe in air that fills the entirety of your body with freshness.  

May you be given the time you deserve. 

And may you understand that you are worth giving time to. 

You are worth every digital, analogue and antique clock. 

Every hour they give out. 

Every minute and second they supply. 

May you someday find a house, but always have a home, 

And may you recognize the difference. 

May there be open arms waiting as you tried to fly,  

And may they catch you when you realize you don’t have wings. 

May you also realize you don’t need them to soar. 

Build feathers out of tranquility, 

Speculums out of satisfactory, 

And coverts out of trust. 

And if all else fails, 

May you discover the invention of airplanes. 

May you look over the beauty of the sky, 

But notice how grand you are compared to rest of the city when you fly. 

May you find someone who can see you. 

And I mean see you. 

Not just the way that you shape your hair, 

But the manner in which yours eyes flare. 

May they accept that you cannot always be full of energy. 

May they see past your fear of the dark. 

Tell them that you aren’t afraid of the lack of light, 

But that once it’s gone, 

You are terrified that you may never find the switch. 

May you never get tired of asking why. 

Don’t believe that curiosity killed the cat. 

Believe it made it smarter. 

Work harder. 

More curious. 

May you strive to be as fierce as the ocean, 

But as calm as its waves. 

I know you want to hold this Earth in your own two hands.  

So, may there always be someone there to tell you that you can.  

Always remember that in this story called life, 

You are the protagonist, 

And antagonists don’t scare you. 

They may have an evil sidekick, 

But you, 

You have a heart of gold. 

And wrists than can carry the weight of this sphere. 

But when lightning strikes, 

And your body no longer has the power to ignite, 

When the universe replaces a hand with a force of separation, 

And determination 

 Seems like a nonsensical thought; 

May you always have the strength to say, 

I will try again tomorrow. 

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