It is very unfortunate that lying has become common, but it’s great that you have not only noticed it but also realized you want to fix the problem. First of all, your actions are your responsibility. Lying is a sin and your sins will be answerable to God by you alone. No one will be there to help you out nor can you blame others on the Day of Judgment. Every time you lie in a conversation out of habit, and then catch yourself, tell the person you are talking to that you made a mistake – and correct yourself right then and there. If you keep consciously making an effort to watch what you say, you will develop the habit to tell the truth and won’t even have to stop and correct yourself moving forward. Another thing that might help is keeping good company. Stay clear of the friends who have no problem with lying and tell you that lying is no big deal. Finally, don’t forget to make dua’a and ask Allah to help you – He is always there and is waiting for you to call on Him.