I wear pants to the Mosque and I feel that some of other worshippers at my Mosque disapprove. Is it wrong to wear pants to the Mosque if I’m wearing a long loose top with them?

There is nothing wrong with wearing pants if you are abiding by Islamic guidelines. Remember that many of our parents and elders came from other countries where the norm was not to wear pants and a shirt like we do here, but to wear traditional clothing. Tradition should not be confused with religion – you should base your decisions on Quran and Hadith, not cultural norms.  

 However, ensure that your clothing is loose, not see through, and covers your ‘Awrah (private parts). Also remember that you should always strive to do what is best – don’t only settle for what is “permissible” in Islam; work hard with “Ihsaan” (excellence) to achieve a higher level of contentment from Allah in whatever it is you do!