I want to go to a university that is in another city, but my parents are insisting that I choose between the two universities I can commute to. The university that is further away has an amazing program that I want to pursue. Is it bad to go against my parent’s wishes if I’m trying to get a good education?

Our suggestion: great marketing! Look, your parents are obviously trying to do what they feel is best for you.  Now, what you need to do is find a way to sell your product to them. Start by finding relatives or close family friends who your parents trust and respect, then have them speak to your parents about your concerns. Maybe even suggest staying at their place from Monday to Friday while at university so that your parents feel comforted that you will be safe and looked after. 

But don’t forget, parents need to be convinced that they can trust their son or daughter to go into society and still hold onto certain values that they worked hard to instill in their lives. No doubt, some parents are just way too overprotective and will not let go. But work at building yourself into a confident trustworthy person upholding Islamic values, and In Shaa Allah (God willing) they will trust you in what you wish to do!