I find myself sinning a lot (partying, dating) but I still want to have a relationship with God – is this hypocritical? I already do so much haram, so is there even any point in bothering to pray?

Sinning is something everybody does. Some sins are considered major, and others minor. Of course, we all work towards being better, and that includes our relationship with Allah. But at times we give into our desires and do something we know we aren’t supposed to do. Regardless of what sin a person makes, we are all meant to continue to find nearness to Allah and ask Him for help to stop doing what could be harmful to ourselves and others. Therefore, does it make sense for someone to continue praying when they know how much sin they commit? The answer is yes. In Islam, we learn from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that prayer purifies us and is a means of forgiveness for the sins that we commit between each of the prayers. Also, prayer brings us closer to Allah, and is a way to slowly and eventually stop the sins we embark upon. So keep up the prayers!