Praying on time, as I am sure you realize, is very important, especially when the means are available. First of all I am sure you are not lacking a prayer space, as school staff in Canadian public schools are very accommodating and will always give a room if you ask for one. As for the wudu (ablution), when you leave your home, you can do wudu and put on socks (clean, non-ripped). When you’re at school, just do your regular wudu and when you get to your feet you can do “Masa” (wiping damp hands on top of the sock once). I think the hardest part of doing wudu in school (or any public place) is the discomfort you might feel in taking off your shoes and socks. By doing “Masa” in a situation like this you can avoid missing your prayer. Remember, what the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, that when there are different ways to do things, find the easiest way that is also permissible in Islam.