Getting along with our parents, in general, can be one of the most challenging phases in life. The first step is to remember that, as mentioned, it is just a phase. Parents need time to transition from being a parent to being a friend. If you have younger siblings, then that transition takes even longer. Why the transition?  Because parents need time realize that their young child has now become a young adult. Teenagers are ready to exercise their independence, to use their deductive reasoning skills and to make decisions.  Parents are not ready to let them.  So…what can you do?  Take time to realize that the transition takes time. Give your parents a chance to catch up with you. Further, be patient and have conversations with your parents about how you have changed, and invite your parents to re-examine their expectations. Finally, when experiencing an argument, try a conflict resolution technique such as the WIN Method: “When you don’t let me make my own decisions in life, I feel devalued and disengaged. So I need you to let me explore my deductive reasoning skills and learn from my own mistakes.”