There is a lot of excitement in the air when young people enter their post-secondary pathway. A new sense of independence from parents, apprehensiveness about what they will do after graduation, a chance for a fresh start and an acute awareness of social freedom. So, how should we measure this social freedom? By deciding early on what your boundaries are going to be – what you will do, what you will try and what you will absolutely refrain from. As Muslims, it is essential to keep in mind the protective limitations of our faith when creating this three-level boundary system. How to do so? Keep asking yourself one simple question: “Would the Muhammad (PBUH) do this?”  When the answer is, “Probably not,” then it is safer to stay away from whatever that action might be. If the answer is, “Yes, he (PBUH) would approve,” then enjoy!

Another foolproof way is for us to look at the company we keep. In the Qur’an we are commanded to have the best of friends: “O you have believed, be God-conscious in your daily life and surround yourself with friends who are righteous, honourable and trustworthy.” (9:119). So, when looking for ways to explore social freedom, choose the best company to share it with.