I am about 3/4 finished the Quran, but I don’t understand Arabic and I am not allowed to read the English translation. How do I convince my parents to let me read the English translation so I can understand what I am reading?

Have you asked them why they don’t want you to read the translation? God’s book was revealed for us to understand its message, so it is important for us to read it in the language we understand. However, there is no rush to do so – we all spend our entire lives growing our understanding of the Quran. I do not know how old you are, but remember this: God sent this book to His Prophet (PBUH) over a span of 23 years. It took the companions of the Prophet that long to understand it, and even after that the study of its meanings continued. Similarly, you will understand the book over a span of years, and even then you will need to continuously study it and read the translation. With each passing year and wisdom, you will understand things that you did not the first or 2nd time you read it. Please let your parents or a teacher help you understand the verses relevant to your age. As you grow older, repeat this exercise and add on more verses to understand. I hope you are able to have a proper conversation on this with your parents.