Historically women in Islam fought along their male companions in battles and led just as active a lifestyle as the men in their societies. Going to the gym and exercising is a great practice that some could even argue is a sunnah. We should lead active lifestyles as Muslims; regular exercise improves your health, regulates sleep patterns & mood while building focus and discipline. Many gyms across North America offer women’s only facilities and although you are with women it is important to note we must still observe limitations in modesty. As long as you’re covered chest to knees and loosely fitted garments are used, there should be no issue. If you are more comfortable using a co-ed facility, the guidelines of dressing Islamically still apply. Please use caution when using machines with loose clothing and stay hydrated when exercising while wearing hijab. Nothing in our faith prevents us from playing sports, in a hadith reported in Sahih Bukhari, Aisha (ra), the wife of the Prophet(pbuh) stated that, “I raced with the Prophet and I beat him. Later, when I had put on some weight, we raced again and he won.” In a hadith narrated from Hazrat Ibn Umar (R.A) in which our beloved Prophet said ”Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding”. Believers in Islam must take care of their spiritual, emotional and physical health. Our bodies are given to us as a trust by God. Through regular exercise and a moderate diet (also encouraged in Islam) we are simply maintaining one of Allah’s many blessings.