We live in a time where faith and faith-based identities are often shunned or purposefully misrepresented through a wide variety of media and people with positional power. Rather than allowing for this to be a hindrance, use this as a motivation to recognize and practice your faith. Practicing your faith and upholding your identity is a clear demonstration of one’s unwavering adherence to the truth of the Creator. Second, take time to learn about and practice the manners, morals, and character of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) so that the beauty of the Islamic faith can radiate through your actions and interactions with the world and all who inhabit it. Third, you can speak with your teachers at school about including, in their instructional practice, the contributions of Muslim-identifying poets, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, architects and inventors – many of whom have shaped modern technology. In some social science classes there may be units of study which allow you to share the impact of Islam on dismantling racism and anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism and how Islam teaches human beings to live together in peace, to accept other faiths as well as identities without prejudice. Another option to share your findings on the beauty of Islam is using social media – Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are excellent platforms to communicate your ideas to a global audience.

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