Igniting passion in one’s life boils down to honing the desire to accomplish a feat in one’s life. There aresix general areas for growth to look at: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creativity, Emotional, and Spiritual.

The first stepis to figure outwhich of these six areas drives your life, drives your sense of self-esteem,and pushes you towards success. Second is to create a series of short-term goals that you can achieve ona monthly or bi-monthly basis. Be specific with these goals, figure out who can help you, and set adefinite timeline for when you will accomplish each goal. Finally, accountability builds consistency of practice and consistency breeds success and success breeds success.

So, get a calendar and promise yourself to spend at least 5 minutes per day working to complete yourgoals and check off the calendar each day to hold yourself accountable. Find a friend to check in witheach day, someone who will ask youtoconfirm that youhave held yourself to account. When youbecome regular in fulfilling your monthly or bi-monthly goals, you will taste the sweetness of success and this is what will ignite the continued passion in your soul to achieve and accomplish what matters to you most.