In school . we watched a movie which helped me to redistribute and basically rethink what I thought was a necessity and what was a desire. Which was I wanted to share.

The movie, called Black Gold, was about coffee production. The movie was about how there is not much economic equality between the many farmers how make the black gold, the coffee, and the people who buy this coffee from different cafes and other such stores in the Western world. The farmers in this movie made $ 0.25 for a kilogram coffee while their Western counterpart makes around $ 2.00 for a cup of coffee. Seeing these people showed how different the priorities between us and them were. 

The aspect that moved me the most, was the fact that these people didn’t have enough money to send their children to school. When they started to make more income, the first thing that as community they decided to build was a school. However, even though they started to make more money, they were unable to build the school. People started to discuss what the solution to this problem could be. And one man said, “Even if I have to sell the shirt on my back, I will, to build this school.”

This showed me how much they wanted their children to be educated because they honestly believe that to be able to assist society. Furthermore, having things such as technology were not even considered part of their priorities, they didn’t even consider a part of their needs, while on the other hand schools are shut down due to the lack of electricity.

It made me realize that many things that we take for granted are actually not things that we need to survive, and even if they are a necessity, it could have been just as equally possible that we didn’t receive this treasures.

I think that the first step to be able do anything is to realize that this object is just an extra benefit that I have. Now that I have this extra, how can I possibly use this extra to maximize my productivity in doing good things?

Realizing that things you have are literally a blessing for you, helps you to a have a more positive outlook on life. Because it helps you to look at what you have as opposed to what you don’t.

Hope you have a good day ~ 🙂


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