Here I am again, under this old tree. It’s a small, bent, shady tree, that has been here since my parents were my age. Many people think it doesn’t provide enough shade, but in my opinion, it’s the perfect resting spot on a hot summer’s day. I usually come here after school to relax, and try to let the anxieties of life seep out of me. It never works though.


I had just put my smartphone down, after completing my phone call. My mother informed me that my aunt and cousins were coming over later, and I needed to return immediately. Reluctantly, I began gathering my belongings, right before I spotted it. It was a nest up in the old tree. I’ve never seen that nest before, but as a city girl, I never see these kind of things anyway. The egg inside was a beautiful brown color with black speckles that condensed as they climbed up the egg. Luckily, just before I left, I saw the mother bird fly home with more material for the nest. She was a moderate sized bird, white faced, with black marks adorning her face. She was yellow-crested, sporting a brilliant blue on her back and wings, that gradually darkened into a black at the tips. She had shiny long feathers on her tail, as long as the sticks in her black beak. I couldn’t comprehend the beauty I was experiencing as it’s piercing black eyes stared into mine.


As I was staring, I realized that I had to go home and help my mother prepare the house for my cousins. I wished I didn’t have to return. I wished I could stay and marvel at the beauty of nature a little while longer. As I left, I noticed the bird just lingering in the air, as if it was waiting for something. I turned to leave, and made my way towards the street.



I glanced back as I walked onto my driveway, and noticed her again. That magnificent bird. I stood there awestruck until my aunt tapped me on the shoulder, asking me why I wasn’t inside. I heard snickers causing my face to heat up. I was just about to point out the bird, when I noticed that it flew away. Later, when I was serving the food, I noticed her again. When I saw the bird, I felt oddly at ease; as if all my stresses and problems evaporated to the sky with the bird, but once she was out of sight, they dropped back at me. I needed a way to relieve my stress again.


The next day, I went back to the old tree and climbed up. I sat by the nest for a while until the mother bird came back. I held her on my finger for some time. When I was leaving, she followed me home, like I was one of her own. During that time, I felt lighter. For the next few weeks, I did the same thing: climbing up the tree, playing with the hatchling, and finding peace. A bird became my best friend. When I needed someone to talk to, the bird provided me with company. When I was making a big decision, I consulted the bird. I forgot how to live without the bird in my life. Soon enough, I was able to summon that bird by command , along with the calm feeling I felt with it – the stresses nested in my heart just rode off on the beautiful blue, black-tipped wings of the bird.