by Zayna Siddiqui

Feelings from underneath are unleashed, 

You try to cover them but they explode, 

They try but just can’t figure out the code, 

What’s wrong with you, they wonder?  

It spills faster than a strike of thunder, 

It happens all so fast, 

And next thing you know you’re in a cast, 

All this tension has got you fighting,  

And lately there’s no place for hiding, 

Take a deep breath and swallow your pride, 

I can’t, I’ve tried, 

I try to plaster on a smile on, 

But it’ll be gone by dawn, 

You wear black all the time,  

It almost become a crime, 

One day, you say it’s enough,  

Go up to your mother, and give her a hug, 

Tell Allah you love Him, 

The pain remains, 

But you’re satisfied, 

You feel a sense of relief, 

And it hits you, 

It’s all in your head, 

So you roll out of bed, 

You go to school, 

And make a friend, 

It’s not that hard after all, 

Just talk to people and make them laugh, 

You were so close, but chose not to fall