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MY Voice’s App Team Continues To Grow - MY Voice Canada

  • 2022/08/25
  • 08:00 AM

The MY Voice App production started two and half years ago as a project to bring youth together on one team that led to learning how to create a native app and better understand themselves as individuals. After a long road, the youth who called themselves the #app-disruptors came to learn the many obstacles that young adults face when they go out to prove how capable they are and willing to become young leaders.

  The youth overcame many gaps in their knowledge and skills as young developers taking on responsibilities that they never would have thought was possible when they joined the app team. Now, it is finally time for these youth to deliver to the many eager MY Voicers an app that will be accessible from a mobile device. With this great mobile app, came its youth developers and the mentors who helped bring it to the Google Play Store. This includes the founder of MY Voice, Nargis Naqvi, who approved and supported the creation of the app.

  Back in early January, a questionnaire was sent out to all team members–which were designed to prompt team members to take their time and really put thought into their experience. The goal was to ensure that each response reflected the maximum amount of detail and depth.  

Upon hearing from a few members— Fatima Sarfraz and Emaad Siddiqui—I was able to take away the fact that the process was enjoyable. The #app-disruptors took their time to prepare content for hosting user testing sessions, interviewing interested candidates, and conducting surveys. This helped gather a good amount of feedback in order to come up with potential designs for the best app possible.  

In this article, I would like to shift the spotlight to the answers of Emaad Siddiqui, who focuses on business and marketing for this project.  

Despite Emaad not being a part of the process since the beginning, he joined at a crucial time, where someone with his drive to learn and take on responsibilities in his role was needed. He began his first task in September 2021.  

Every question pertains to the process of building the app, and they went as follows:

Who was your go-to person for guidance on certain tasks? Sabah was the go-to person for me.

What was your favourite part of this process? It can be anything, ranging from the interviews to way back in the beginning when we brainstormed ideas of what we wanted to see on the app.   I enjoyed the user testing sessions.

Why did you choose to be a part of the app team specifically? I liked the concept of MY Voice moving on from paper copies to a digital version because it is more convenient.  

What are some key takeaways that you learned during this process? I liked team meetings with everyone, rather than one on one sessions, as it felt more fun and productive.  

How do you plan on utilizing the skills you learned during the developing process in other aspects of your daily lives? This includes school, work, extracurriculars, etc.   All the skills I learned, even if it is time management or collaboration, I will definitely apply them to future jobs and everyday settings.

Taking a look at these answers, it is clear that the process was easygoing. Our team members had a good time creating the app, despite the entire process being completed online, through Zoom and Google meets.  

The MY Voice App is scheduled to release very soon!