As a junior in highschool, how can I help my parents who have been stuck in financial crises (apart from getting a job and lending them money)?

It is commendable of you to see the needs in your family and have the desire to help them out. The greatest gift that you can give your parents is to stay in school and study hard: when parents see their children succeeding academically, it reduces their personal stress and provides them hope that their children will be financially stable in their respective future lives.  

In the here and now, you can help your parents by, first, focusing on “needs” instead of “wants” – meaning, let your parents provide you what you need, and keep a wish list of things you want for a later time, when your family is no longer in a financial crisis. Second, put your trust in Allah and make plenty of du’a (Supplication or Prayer), knowing with full certainty that Allah will always take care of you and your family. One of Allah’s names is “Ar-Razzaq” which means “The Provider of Sustenance,” and you can call upon Allah by this name by saying “Ya Razzaq, Ar-Zaqna,” meaning “O Provider, Provide for Us”.  

This can be a difficulty time, seeing your family in distress, so the final piece of advice is to remain hopeful and helpful. By keeping a positive demeanor and helping with chores around the house, or helping your siblings with school work, you will set an example for the family to follow – love is free.