On Easter Sunday, Sri Lanka was attacked with suicide bombings that had killed more than 250 people and left at least 500 people injured. 

“Authorities said the attacks were carried out by two little-known Muslim organizations.” says, Al Jazeera.

The organizations targeted six churches and four hotels in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. 

The island, known for its beautiful landscapes, colourful spices and kind people, is now just merely known for this tragedy. Sunday masses have been cancelled, Muslims cannot leave homes in Islamic clothing like the tobes, hijabs, niqabs and burqas, due to the burqa ban that was issued after the attacks to ensure national security. Within the country there is a lot of segregation occurring after the terrorist attacks were set out. Many of the tension between religions there started from the Sri Lankan civil war. Fear was spread country wide and even worldwide.

Just a while ago we experienced Pittsburgh`s Synagogue shooting, and nearly just a month or two ago we experienced sadness from the New Zealand mosque shootings and many of us all around the world mourned our brother and sisters.

With these terrorist attacks becoming more frequent as the year goes on, religion seems to be under attack. When terrorist attacks occur it is a tool, to create terror and fear of people, races and religions. The Pittsburgh attack was an attack on the Jews, the New Zealand attacks were attacks on Muslims, and now the Sri Lankan attacks were attacks on Christians. But, while the world thinks like that we should know that these attacks are attacks against humanity. Within all this chaos, we as a human race should come together and stand together in solidarity against injustice towards any human regardless of their religion, race or ethnicity.

As a human race it was our duty to stand together with the Muslims of the New Zealand mosque attack and now staying united with the Christians of the Sri Lankan attacks. These attacks have been becoming such a common norm in our daily lives and with no doubt, we feel there will be another. Wherever it may be, and whichever religion it will attack this time, we must act as one and shouldn’t be afraid to practice our faiths peacefully and freely. It is our right. When another attack comes around the corner. We will stand firmly and unitedly with our brothers and sisters from all religions, races and ethnicities.                                                                             

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