MY Voice is a non-profit Muslim Youth project of DawaNet. We are by the youth, for the youth, and we work to empower young Muslims, engage them in the creative arts, elevate their voices, and facilitate dialogue on issues that matter to them. Since 2013, we have published MY Voice Magazine – a magazine with a 100% youth-based editorial team of writers, editors and designers. We also have various other creative projects, including an annual theatrical play, a filmmaking class, and a Youtube series. We are based in Mississauga ON, and have launched our Vancouver branch as of 2016. In 2018, we were listed as one of the Top 10 best Islamic magazines to follow! 

Mission Statement

MY Voice aims to elevate the voices of young Canadian Muslims and facilitate dialogue on issues that matter to them.


1. To create an open, accepting space in which young Muslims can explore and engage with what matters to them.

2. To provide platforms for young Muslims to express themselves and discuss issues that they are passionate about, while gaining important skills in the creative arts, leadership, and teamwork.  

3. To create a positive media source to represent Muslims, to counter the Islamophobia and misrepresentation of Muslims in traditional media.

4. To give opportunities to all youth regardless of race, religion or sect to participate by using the same channels open to Muslim youth for creative expression and empowering them.

Meet The Team