Dear sisters,

   Recent events in Canada have probably taken a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health—such as the cold-blooded murder of a Muslim family in London, Ontario who were simply taking a stroll around their neighbourhood on a Sunday afternoon (May Allah have mercy on their souls). You needed the chance to breathe, to slow down, to process your emotions. But then, a sudden onslaught of Islamophobic attacks primarily targeting Muslim women occurred. I wish I could draw attention to the injustice faced by each and every person—but that is not the point of my letter. Wherever we turn, it seems like we are under attack. We are the chosen scapegoat for Islamophobic, xenophobic, and bigoted individuals who perceive us to be an easy target for their hate.

     On top of that, over the last few years, popular Hijabi influencers have increasingly opted to remove their hijab. This is not to condemn or cast judgement on their decision, but it does overwhelmingly leave girls who continue to wear hijab with a sense of abandonment: that the very limited number of people who visibly represent us no longer want to do so. One may therefore falsely conclude that no one really wants to wear hijab. That it has become passé—a burden. Why should you want to continue to wear it?

      Whatever the world and our ever-shifting social norms may be, there are still a few eternal truths: the beauty of hijab remains whether every single Muslim woman in the world were to wear it—or to forsake it. Not because wearing Hijab makes you better than anyone else or even morally superior—because truly, only Allah (SWT) can judge between us. It is beautiful because Allah chose it for us, and in doing so, chose to have us visibly represent our religion without us having to even utter a word. Hijab gives us spiritual beauty, an enduring light that transcends time, age, and era. It is present whether or not we wear makeup, the most fashionable clothing, or the latest hijab style. Know dear sister, that you matter and belong to our Beloved Creator in whose presence you are seen, heard, and appreciated, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

    We were not promised an easy life in this world. However, Allah does not burden a soul beyond what it can bear. Having support and approval from Hijabis and others feels good. Yet, like all things in this world, it is inherently flawed. Acts of worship like du’a are one of the best ways to address any anxieties, insecurities, and fears you may experience. 

   Remember that there is no better supporter and protector to have than Allah. “Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs.”  Through trusting Him and making du’a, He can transform our fears and worldly dangers into a means of attaining true closeness to Him. 

With love,

Your fellow Hijabi sister.