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9+ years (Est. 2013)

About MY Voice Canada

We amplify
the voices of youth

MY Voice aims to elevate the voices of young Canadian Muslims and facilitate dialogue on issues that matter to them.

We are a non-profit media initiative, Launched in 2013 is one of the only youth media platforms of its kind in North America.




Magazines Distributed

MY Voice Canada
MY Voice creates a strong sense of community for young Muslims and builds connections with a diverse range of other groups to promote unity and build solidarity. We work to establish a solid foundation for the next generation of leaders so that they may effectively combat social issues.

empower youth

Fostering Authentic Muslim Youth Representation

  • 215 youth engaged in graphic design, writing, illustration, life skills workshops
  • over 145,000 distributed
  • 225,000+ readers
  • 5 fundraising galas - stage performances performed
  • 1000+ volunteers engaged

Our current
Team Members

Those who continue to pave the path and working hard to strengthen Muslim youth skills.

  • 8+ photographers
  • 8+ videographers
  • 12+ designers
  • 15+ editors
  • 25+ writers

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Help Differently Abled Person to Feel Confident


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Help Differently Abled Person to Feel Confident


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We bring communities together

A Catalyst for Projects and Ideas

MY Voice Canada provides the Muslim youth with a platform that encourages them and prompts them to have healthy discussions, allowing them to learn valuable skills!

At MY Voice Canada, the community comes together to inspire, brainstorm, and immerse in creativity. They analyze the issues faced, collaborate to work through them together, and help spread awareness about issues like Racism on a daily basis.

Learn more about our projects

Video Production

MY Voice has produced a variety of digital media projects, developed by youth, for youth. Our series "The Race Against Racism" brought a detailed discussion from the US and Canada on topics of Anti-Blackness and racism. MY Voice audience submitted the 2019 "Just Ask" series questions answers in regards to Islam and the Muslim identity.


Creative Arts Projects

MY Voice a skill-building platform for youth, allows for the development of a variety of creative projects. Over the course of the past 5 years, youth have written, organized, and performed many cohorts, and a total of 5 different stage plays. One of our plays was even picked up to be performed in front of a larger audience, at MuslimFest!


MY Voice Magazine

MY Voice has been publishing print and digital on a quarter-yearly basis since 2013 to feature the writing, art, photography, and design work of our youth. We've created a platform for the voices of Muslim youth and other marginalized groups. We've distributed over 125,000 copies to libraries, cafes, and mosques over the years - making MY Voice accessible to everyone.



Open Mic Over the years, MY Voice held a variety of events and provides a platform for young talent to perform! We have brought in interesting speakers, who've come together as a community to take on certain topics. Our open mic nights, galas and other events have created space for important conversations, celebration and a chance for young people to connect with different communities.

We support our youth’s passion

We Build Communities Around Diverse Youth

MY Voice is more than a non-profit organization, we are a family, that achieves and celebrates big and small milestones together.

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Video Production

We provide opportunities and engage with a variety of youth and communities outside of our own. It includes other religious minorities, and racialized low-income, or ethnic minority youth/communities.



Creative Arts Projects

MY Voice strives to create a strong sense of community for young Muslims and builds connections with a diverse range of other groups to promote unity and social harmony.

support us

MY Voice is a youth-run organization that
empowers Muslim youth & amplifies
their voices in Canadian society.

  • MY Voice Canada is a successful applicant of the 2022 Resilient Communities Fund. With a $36,600 grant over 6 months, we aim to recover and build our organizations resiliency from impacts of COVID-19 by investing in appropriate training for our staff and volunteers and expanding our services to better serve the community.

This is why we do, what we do

MY Voice strives to establish a solid foundation for the next generation of leaders so that they can effectively combat social issues.

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Our Past Events

We bring communities together

We also host events that allow the youth to express their talent and have fun!

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