Summer’s just around the corner, and you’re probably already daydreaming about relaxing at home for the next couple of months. However, you may also be thinking about making some money with a summer job. Well, here’s another reason to get a job this summer: starting June 1st, the minimum wage is going up from $10.25 to $11.00.

As great as this news is for students like you, the real reason minimum wage has been an issue as of late is to address poverty in Ontario. A few years ago, students used to make up majority of the minimum wage workforce. However, today more than 40% of minimum wage workers are 25 years or older, many of whom are single parents who must support their families.  Even at the $11.00 wage, minimum wage workers would still be 16% below the poverty line.

However, decreasing poverty and improving the economy may not be as easy as simply raising the minimum wage. In the past, government regulated wages have stunted economic growth, and high minimum wages caused businesses to hire less people, decreasing the job market. We continue to struggle to find an optimal wage for workers, employers and the economy.

A summer job is a great experience that allows you to step into the work world and build skills for the future. However, when you’re applying for that $11 an hour job, don’t forget the struggles of thousands of Canadians that have been, and still are, fighting for your pay.

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