Finally! The Federal Election 2019 is over and Liberals take the win as Justin Trudeau is re-elected to be our Prime Minister once again. There is a catch though: this time his win comes with a minority government.

Throughout the campaign, Canadians encouraged one another to vote, especially the youth as our voices need to be heard. Meanwhile, the leaders campaigned and promised Canadians on issues that mattered while I, on the other hand, had been watching each debate, reading articles and heard a numberless amount of speeches and promises given from all sides.

As many of us know in 2015, when Liberals won and Justin Trudeau was elected to be our Prime Minister —and I remember that moment so vividly— it was like when Barack Obama was elected to be the President of the United States of America. I recount the smiles, everyone thrilled and happy their country elected a leader who will listen and will hear the voices that are not heard. A leader that will finally step up and help the working class. There was that feeling of content all around the country. However, even though Trudeau has had many scandals through the years as Prime Minister, he is undeniably likeable and charming to many. I think there are many reasons why Liberals have won, but are we happy that they did?  

As a Muslim Canadian in this country, I am glad Trudeau is re-elected as he said he will put an end to Bill 21 even if that means stepping into a provincial bill. During the federal election debate, leaders were questioned what they will do about this bill and Trudeau was the first person to confidently and passionately condemn the bill and say he will step in if necessary to stop it. Trudeau recognizes the bill, even though it is popular within the province of Quebec, is discriminating against people who wear religious symbols and refuses to let it slide any longer. He values the human rights of every individual in Canada and the way they express themselves over any hate even if it is popular in a region.

Though not every political leader can please everyone, a huge point that still sticks out as a red flag with the Liberals platform is the fact there are still plans to build Trans Mountain Pipelines on Indigenous lands. I hope that this plan changes and a new more respectful plan is placed to allow reconciliation to happen between the Indigenous peoples of Canada and the Canadian government rather than harming the progress our nation has made in writing our wrongs towards the Indigenous.

With that being said, Canada strives when we come together in unity. All of our diversity in this country makes Canada home for so many. For years we’ve been talking and hearing about how Canada is multicultural, but when it came to politics we always have seen a caucasian man with a suit telling us to vote for them because they represent Canada the best. However, this time around there was a true representation of Canadians with it being the first time seeing a coloured federal leader who is standing up against issues that matter to them personally and which affects many all across Canada. NDP’s Jasgmeet Singh was someone that talked openly about the discriminations he faced and connected to many Canadian minorities. As Singh was campaigning, he mentioned that he will do whatever it takes to take down any platform that wants to create division and discrimination. The NDP was so clear that they

were voicing the people of Canada and are listening to them when it comes to all aspects: economy, human rights, immigration and much more. Singh also talked about how he was willing to have a coalition government if his party does not win and a disliked party amongst the majority wins. A coalition government is when parties ally to run the Parliament. Usually, a coalition government takes place when the number of seats in each party is low or when a disliked party wins majority seats, other parties might form a coalition government. Now if only the NDP, Green party and the winning Liberal party joined together and shared their plans to come up with a system that voices the values of Canadians, that would be a pretty ideal government for Canada.

With the Liberals leading the country, there is a lot of differing opinions on it but as is told in the Islamic faith, God is the best of planners and has undoubtedly played everything out in the best of ways. Though our political leaders have made mistakes and hit some bumps in the past, there is still a hope in me that in our future, the political parties will come together to respect the Indigenous communities, help the economy, provide un-limited education and tackle discrimination, as we are a country of unity. As Justin Trudeau ends the campaign with his victory speech he highlights this very fact, “there is so much more that unites us than divides us,” and as Canadians we strive in unity. After a long, heated campaign, the majority has voted and now it’s up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make us Canadians proud.

Click here to watch Trudeau’s victory speech!