In an alternate dimension

there is a world

in which the people who live in it are transparent.

Their insides are just as visible to us as their outsides.


This world is quite the interesting world.

Because here we could know how people are actually feeling

and what’s going on in their minds.

We see people who are empty as hollow inside,

sad people who have dark emotions cast onto them,

and happy people with vibrant colours.


But the people of this world are smart.

So the sad people would colour their dark and gloomy selves in vibrant colours,

and paint their faces with beautiful smiles.

All so people could not hear their screaming hearts.


Having lived in this strange world,

we grew accustomed to these transparencies.

Even to the face that at one point,

their vibrant colours would turn dull and disfigured,

and their smiles would turn into frowns once again.


We got used to painted smiles,

such that even when people talked about the horrors of the transparent world,

we thought to ourselves,

“What’s the big deal?

Isn’t that normal?”


Even worse we didn’t realize,

that the transparent people were actually


That the alternate reality was actually ours.

We were too easy to judge

and too lazy to try

to get to know people.

Because we lived in the “transparent” world.

The strange world  we call Earth.


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