The first mirror, shiny and clear, its silver trim an illusion, made solely from deceitful eyes. The strangers regard to this, their favorite mirror of all. Judging by reflection as shallow as skin, paper thin, unbeknownst to what’s hidden, deep, inside the abyss of the soul.

The second mirror, seen by close friends and family, reflects your flesh, your blood, deep, but not deep enough. Entangled amidst the nests of lies that reside in its frame lies the egg of honesty. Not hatching nor intending to, only a single crack against the shell of trickery. Smiling and nodding you appear through its glass, though inside you’re stiff as stone. They think they know everything about you, every secret, every dream, but this mirror too was born to disguise.

The third mirror, the one that belongs to only to God and you. No matter how much you pretend, this mirror knows you from head to toe. Every fault, every flaw, every dream, every desire it can see. Whether it be who you envy to whom you pretend and aspire to be. This mirror was born to the true and is the only one who can see the real you. Running deeper than flesh, blood, or skin but to your heart, your soul, your being. Shine and polish this mirror as best you can because if it darkens, rusts, or cracks, the other mirrors will divert their tracks, they will falter, fall and eventually shatter. And everyone will know who you are. Show what you want in each mirror, but this one has a truthful mind of its own. But know, the third mirror balances it all, reveal it and you will show the world who you truly are.

Make that reflection worth seeing.

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