Though 2020 started with high hopes of a better decade, many were disappointed, as we were struck with sad news upon sad news.

Despite all the lows, we have had a few highs as well! 

What has happened so far:

The Oscars 

Whether we are movie fanatics or not, the 92nd Academy Awards made history this year. The Oscars were held last month, and for the first time, an international movie won best picture— Parasite. Parasite is a thriller about a poor family that pretends to be wealthy. The film was the only non-English film to be nominated for Best Picture among the 11 movies that were. Not only was it the only non-English film to win, but the film won with an all-Asian cast

Many have felt that the Academy Awards has not shown diversity in the past when it came to films. Even the night of, actors such as Joaquin Phoenix, who won for best actor, accepted the award with a speech that addressed the elephant in the room. 

Acknowledging the lack of diversity so we can change to be more inclusive within society is a step forward to a better decade. Though we still have a long way to go, this is a turn in the right direction. We as a society should continue to advocate for diversity so we can be more inclusive. Hopefully in the future this isn’t even an issue and we reach and obtain the multicultural society we are striving for.

What to look forward to: 

Olympics 2020 

Many athletes are gearing up to participate in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee made decisions regarding the event programme that will “mark a key milestone in the evolution of the Olympic programme by introducing youth and urban innovations, significantly improving gender equality and reducing the overall number of athletes, hence reducing the games’ footprint.” 

US Presidential Election

Another thing to look forward to is the 2020 US presidential election. Though stressful, it is very important that the country votes for the leader that will best represent and take care of the people. With the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s victory in the last election, this year the world is watching and hoping for a new and better president for the USA. 

Roll up the Rim? An Eco-friendly Change

Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim is the annual game many Canadians look forward to playing, even if it’s just winning a free doughnut or a cup of coffee. But, there’s a slim chance that you may win a car, and that’s what keeps Canadians going back to the smell of brewing coffee and baked goods. 

Yet, this year Roll up the Rim is a bit different and is taking an eco-friendly turn. Tim Hortons announced that instead of promoting people to purchase a hot drink in a non-reusable cup to take part in the contest, they are going to turn it into a digital app that you can download onto your phone. They are also going to be giving away free Tim Hortons reusable cups before the promotion begins, to further encourage others to be more eco-friendly. 

Like everything, there will be the highs and the lows. There’s change to look forward to, whether it is world-wide or even in your own community. You may not be able to make a non-English movie and win Best Picture, or compete in the Olympics, or even be a better president than Trump, but you can slowly start by making changes in your daily life. Start eating healthy, exercise, take part in your community or do a random act of kindness everyday. What we do today only makes a brighter future for tomorrow. 

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