All of us experience emotions that we sometimes don’t know how to deal with. We often get so caught up with our busy schedules that we feel overwhelmed by them. What better way to deal with these feelings than by sharing them with Allah (SWT) through a simple du’aa? Lucky for us, there is a simple and convenient website that makes it super easy to find the perfect du’aa for any situation. It’s called! is an amazing online resource that aims to increase one’s connection with Allah (SWT) by providing relevant du’aas to express one’s emotions to Him (SWT), possibly in sujood or prayer. With over 40 emotions to choose from, ranging from anxious, angry, nostalgic, happy or anywhere in between, has the perfect du’aa for you! The du’aa will appear in Arabic, but if you can’t read Arabic, have no fear! Accompanying the Arabic text is the English transliteration as well as the translation, so you know exactly what the du’aa means. The image shown here is an example of what it’ll look like on the website, with the emotion “happy” selected.

This website also includes a unique feature called HeartBits, for those who sign up for it. It is a database of short English phrases, such as “I know you are listening” and “I love you more than anything,” along with their Arabic translations to help you address and connect directly with Allah (SWT). You can even save your favourite du’aas if you want to come back to them later! is an incredible website that is so useful for our everyday lives. It keeps us aware of our daily emotional state and encourages us to stay in touch with our Lord. As the saying goes, “Learn to master your emotions,” and will surely help you to do just that.