We live in an era where misinformation is rife, to put it bluntly. News outlets present false information as facts, which can lead to civilian polarization and general distrust in media sources. Though the above consequences are the results of misconstrued evidence on a larger, often political level, many ‘facts’ that we’ve known—or have been told—our whole lives are actually just popular misconceptions. Here are four ‘facts’ debunked by studies: you may be shocked at what’s on this list!

MYTH: We only use around 10% of our brains.

FACT: Sections of our brain are designated for a myriad of processes, such as speech, vision, memory, movement, and more. Scientists are still working on clearly defining what each part of the brain does, however we do know that every part does serve a purpose. Though not at the same time, we do use all parts of our brain to do various actions throughout the day, both consciously and unconsciously.

MYTH: Bananas grow on trees.

FACT: Though they look like trees, banana stems contain no wood—they’re actually very densely packed leaves, and as a result banana plants are ‘perennial herbs,’ which also classifies bananas as berries. Oh, and you know how they grow in bunches? Yeah, they grow pointing up, towards the sun, instead of to the ground. So the next time you have banana bread, just remember the special ingredient is an herb’s berry that grows upside down. Bananas are really weird.

MYTH: We have five senses.

FACT: I know, you’re probably calling me crazy for this one. Well, this one actually holds partially true: we have five Aristotelian senses, which are the basic smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste. There are others, such as your sense of balance and pain as well. Some people believe there are nine senses, but there is evidence that we may have around 33 senses. Try teaching that to kindergarteners.

MYTH: Goldfish have a 3-second memory.

FACT: Surprisingly, goldfish can remember things for months. An Australian schoolboy decided to pull a Pavlov on his pet goldfish and fed him next to a red LEGO piece in its fishbowl every day. It came to a point where the fish would be waiting for him at the LEGO piece for its food. Needless to say, Goldie the goldfish remembers you calling it an idiot for ‘forgetting’ who you were. Don’t call Goldie the goldfish an idiot.