Despite all the recent events that has been going on around the world, we are excited to announce our new plans for the new year, starting this September. This year marks the start of the brand new MYVoice Academy; a hands-on set of workshops that teaches youth skills necessary for our post-modern society, that is not taught in school. These workshops are offered to any of those wishing to better their skillset and to learn more about the world we live in. Additionally, all new MYVoice Execs volunteering this year are also required to participate in these workshops.

All new and returning Execs, please click this link to purchase the fee for the orientation and the workshops:

Those who are not volunteering at MYVoice and want to participate in the workshops, please click this link to purchase the participation fee:

Deadline is September 10th, 2020. For any questions or concerns, please email:

Stay safe and don’t forget to have fun! 🙂