Successful careers don’t just happen on their own, it begins today with the help of the community! Want to hear the stories and first-hand advice of engineers, doctors, artists, entrepreneurs and many more on how they became successful? Here’s your chance to network and have informal mentors who are here for you!

What is a Human Library?
The Career Exploration Library workshop is based on the concept of The Human Library. It is an event catered to high school students looking to explore their career options. Instead of reading a “book” on a profession, you have the opportunity to speak first-hand from a professional who has walked in your shoes, also known as “The Human Books”

During the event, you will have a chance to virtually meet a variety of professionals, gain insights into the many career possibilities and strengthen your networking skills. Each student will get a chance to connect and listen up to 2 career interests of their choosing as selected in this form.

Who is invited? Students in high school Grade 9-12 or first year of post-secondary education in Fall 2021
Where is the event? Zoom Link to be provided upon registration
When is it? Sunday February 28th

Schedule for February 28th:
10:45- 11:00- Sign-in
11:00- 11:30- Keynote Speaker
11:30-1:00- Breakout Sessions + Networking

Sign Up Form: