Assalam alaikum,

First of all one has to decide what level of Islam they want to follow. Just like we decide at school if we want to be ‘A’ students, ‘C’ or ‘F’ students. With each type of grade average, your life and your future in that field changes.

Similarly what type of Muslim do you or your friend want to be? No matter what anyone tells you, it is only YOU that can decide what you want and pursue it.

As a Muslim, we must be the best in everything. So as we try to be the best Muslims we must understand what Allah wants from us, since it is Him who will judge us and read us our sentence at the end when we are standing in front of Him.

There are several forms of sin that Satan wants us to fall into. He wants to fulfill his promise to God and keep us out of heaven.

Dating is haram. A sin that will lead to more sin, as in the case of your friend. Even if she looks at the duniya (this world) and looks at the consequences here, she will see that it will amount to pain and maybe even losing respect amongst peers and social circles. Along with other things like unwanted pregnancies, being raped etc..could happen as they do to so many young girls. The only man that is allowed to touch you intimately and one you can talk to intimately is your husband. If you like someone and they like you, it is best to ask them to formally marry you or stay away until they can.

As for you staying her friend, I suggest you keep guiding her since you obviously care for her but I also suggest not hanging out with her. Friends have a great influence on us and her way of life can easily influence you without you even knowing it until it’s too late. If you think that you are getting through then it’s best that you slowly wean out of the relationship. But helping others is very important if you feel you are the right person to do it. 

Either way please make dua for your friend so she comes out of this phase and concentrates on things that are more essential to her life right now.