Starting a new school year brings with it a fresh outlook on the year to come. During this time, we tend to examine the many possibilities that our future holds and decide which new directions to take our lives in.

The simplest way to change up your look going into the new school year is to transform your hijab style. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to put a twist on your hijab look in three easy steps!

The Turban Look:

The turban has been an extremely popular look for a while now, but for those of you who aren’t skilled in the intricacies of its twists and turns, here is a simplified version to get this look.

Step 1: Take a square scarf and fold it in half, making a triangle shape. Place the scarf around your neck positioning it so the tip of the triangle is facing down, like so.


Step 2: Take the two ends and tie them into a knot at the center of the face. Bring the back point of the triangle to the front and pin it in place, making sure to cover any other material underneath. Then take the two ends from the front and twist them towards the back.


Step 3: Knot the two ends and pin where needed.


And that’s it! You can go for this look if you are wearing a piece with detailing on the collar and shoulders, or even if you want to wear a short necklace with your ensemble.

The Infinity Style:

The infinity scarf has become a staple accessory for your wardrobe and using it as a hijab is a cool way to give your style a quick update.

Step 1: Place the scarf making sure to keep the seam at the shoulder.


Step 2: Take the two sides and cross them over so they are in an X-shape.


Step 3: Bring the front loop over your head, keeping the front seam in place with pins.


Voila! Your trendy hijab transformation is complete!

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