Imagine: you have been chosen by the school principal as the best student in the school, and with this special status, you have also been given certain extra responsibilities. Instead of feeling honoured, you act in a way that proves that you are not in fact worthy of that status, behaving irrationally and completely neglecting your responsibilities.  


Seems like pretty awful behaviour, right?  


The sad reality is, this is exactly how Muslims behave nowadays, especially on social media. Allah (SWT) says: 


“You [Muslims] are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah.” [Qur’an 3:110] 


To say ‘I am a respectful Muslim’ is easy but to actually put it into practice is quite challenging. On social media, we often come across posts with hateful comments about us or our communities. Instead of replying politely, we tend to respond in a way which proves that we are even worse than them. Especially at a time when Muslims are labelled by such undeserving names, all of us have a responsibility to show the world that we are much better than what we have been ascribed as.  


Instead of swearing and bursting out on others, we need to revive Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s manners. Even in hard times when he would get angry, he (PBUH) would stay calm, because he had so much self-control and patience. You might think replying to that one comment rudely is okay because that person deserves it, however, you do not know what long-term effect one comment may have. Imagine if a new convert, or someone interested in Islam reads your comment — they would instantly think that Muslims are no different from those against us. What if you and I become the reason for someone being driven away from Islam instead of drawing closer?  


So next time you see a hateful comment, take some time to stop and think. If the individual commenting genuinely perceives Islam negatively, address their misconception in a respectful and dignified manner to exemplify the beautiful nature that Islam instills in us. But if the individual just wants to stir up trouble, then just keep scrolling through your newsfeed and pretend as if nothing happened. Some people do not deserve your attention, especially if they are not willing to have a civilized discussion.  


We have been chosen for one task: to first strengthen our own belief, and then bring people towards goodness as well as motivate others to stay away from evil actions. Once we truly follow these three guidelines, only then can we achieve the status of being the ‘best nation’ that Allah (SWT) describes in the Holy Quran. 


SWT- Subhanahu Wata’la 

PBUH- Peace Be Upon Him