(another one by the talented sister)

What if I were to tell you…

in complete disarray,

that I stood alone on a shadowy night

in my horror themed park

left to fall apart.

That my life,

relaxing and beautiful as it had been,

was changing and fast,

being set

upside down


back again.

With no moment of sweet peace

to smile again.

Hearing shrieks of terror

Screaming I say,

How could there




[and pause,

just to start again.]


So yeah

[I figured I’d reply]

Sometimes life


like its been doing somersaults

and it seems too painful

to just bare it with a smile

[you know what scratch that,

let’s try again].

So you continued,

in your horror themed park

on that shadowy night

amidst all the confusion

you realize,

that it’s still air that you are breathing

and the ground below you

and the sky above you.

And you’re in a park,

A horrifying amusing park.

So the shrieks you’ve been hearing

are actually children screaming in joy.

When you kept walking

you started to cool off

realizing that insurmountable pile of problems

was just a hill that you could jump over.

I mean,

Life may seem

really tough at times

make you want to feel hopeless

and in disarray.

But at those times you need

to remember

all that things that went right

That to believe in a God

is to remember that everything happens for a reason.

You see,

it’s all about


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