I go to work where interaction with the opposite sex is unavoidable. Everyone is super friendly, and I don’t know how to place boundaries so that I can maintain a distance without being rude. Any tips?

Interacting with and working alongside the opposite gender is part of life in many societies and cultures around the world – whether it be at school, at work, or at the mall. In the time of the Prophet (PBUH), women did, in fact, interact with males, and this is evident from the plethora of prophetic narrations reported through Aisha (RA). 

The etiquette of interaction for a Muslim is one of respect; this means that interactions between genders need to be tempered with a professional stance. The conversations should be diplomatic in nature, rather then social.  Yes, you can still ask about the weather and family – however, further conversations should be kept to the work at hand. Whenever talking to another human being, it is important to use the best of language and this includes having a pleasant tone.  Remember, it is the character of a Muslim that allows others to see the spirit of Islam.