Prom is one of those nights where it seems like the whole world is out enjoying and you are the only one missing out. In reality, prom comes with a whole list of pressures – what to wear, how to style your hair, whether to get a limo or not, to dance or not to dance. So really, deciding not to go is a pretty smart decision! Save yourself the anxiety and the heartaches and, most importantly, the money! The best way to spend prom is with your friends – this is a night to celebrate four (or five) years of high school with the people who have meant the most to you, those who have been with you in good times and bad, who have built memories with you. Go out somewhere fancy for dinner, catch a movie and choose someone’s house to crash at afterwards for ice-cream and reflecting upon what was, what is and what is still to come…and, of course, being grateful to Allah for giving you good company.