Seeking knowledge is a principle that governs Islam. This is evident through numerous ahadith,[1] such as, “Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim and Muslimah.”[2] The first word revealed to our Prophet (PBUH)[3] is Iqra or Read, which is an invitation and command for humans to gain and use knowledge. Therefore, Muslims should be pursuers of knowledge and leaders in innovations that improve the world.

During the Islamic Golden Age, Muslims engaged in creating inventions and innovations that still impact STEAM[4] disciplines today. The term “Algorithm” comes from Muhammad Khwarizmi, who invented Algebra. Muhammad and Ahmad al-Hasan authored the Book of Ingenious Devices, which laid the foundation for robotics. Ismail Al Jazari is dubbed “The Father of Robotics” and “The Father of Engineering,” as he invented a programmable humanoid robot in 1206 AD, among other inventions.[5]

The foundations set by early Muslim scientists suggest that it is acceptable for Muslims to research and develop AI. A modern-day example is the Brain-Chip invention of Muslim scientist, Naweed Syed.[6] It allows brain cells to connect with a silicon chip, making way for the first neurochip.

Allah[7] has created something from nothing, without any precedents. He simply says ‘Be’ and it is![8] Humans do not have this power, so there is no comparison between Allah’s creations and our inventions. AI cannot have a soul or be a “living” being. Robots are not humans, nor will they be held accountable as such. There is no inherent conflict between AI and Islam. Moreover, Muslims use gratitude to recognize that their knowledge is provided by Allah. We then fulfill opportunities that enhance our experience on Earth and help as many people as possible. AI has many applications in medicine, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and technology—all of which can help humanity.

[1] Ahadith: a collection of traditions containing sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

[2] Sunan ibn Majah

[3] PBUH: Peace be upon him

[4] Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics



[7] Allah: God

[8] Qur’an 3:59, 36:82, 2:117, 16:40, 40:68, 6:73